Acrylic Invitations

Make a statement!

Are you looking for something completely different? Acrylic can be cut to size and printed just like card, it comes in varying thicknesses, colours and finishes. We can digitally print acrylic with one of my watercolour illustrations, it can be screenprinted or it can be laser etched with your desired imagery.

Please contact us with your ideas and we will bring them to life for you.

Acrylic Invite for 50th party at One Marylebone, London

Acrylic Invitation for a 50th Birthday Party at One Marylebone London

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Custom Sleeves for One Marylebone Invitation

Custom Sleeves for One Marylebone Invitation

We can add card elements alongside the acrylic to create a beautiful contrast.
Pop it in a box, slide it into a wallet, we are able to create a acrylic design to suit your needs.

Acrylic edges are polished

Acrylic edges are polished

Contact us to discuss what you have in mind. We can print in monolithic colour or full digital colour onto your acrylic wedding invitation, using either a new or existing artwork design.