Custom Wedding Invitation
Watercolour Artwork & Layouts

Custom Wedding Invitation Artwork

"Unique and Personal"

Watercolour illustrations painted for your Wedding Invitations

Commission Papermonkeys to produce custom watercolour artwork for your wedding invitations and stationery

Watercolour Painting of Singapore Botanic Gardens for a Custom Wedding Invitation.

A design that’s personal to you.

Give your guests a glimpse of what you've planned for your big day.

Flexible Options

Commission a single illustration to complement an existing design.
Commission a suite of illustrations to use throughout your Wedding Stationery.

Easy to Order 

Provide us with a photograph of what you would like painting, or simply tell us the ideas/theme of your wedding and let Papermonkeys create you the perfect wedding invitation.

From £50

Custom Wedding Invitation Layouts

"Individually Styled"

Existing Wedding Invitation designs personalised for you.

Find a Papermonkeys Design you wish to use on your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery and let us know how you would like it styled?

Custom layout of Singapore Wedding Invitation.

Unique Layouts

All Design Layouts are unique for each order. This gives all our customers the oppurtunity to fine-tune their Stationery Design.

Customising Options

Mix and Match Artwork from various Designs
Re-colour a design. Customise the artwork layout.
Change Dimensions or Scale. Change Font Style.

All part of the Service

As a rule we don't charge for this service (unless it's really complicated and time consuming). Contact us to discuss in more detail.

From £Free

Wedding Invitation Illustration Ideas

We can paint any watercolour image you wish for your custom wedding invitation artwork. Below are some ideas and inspiration of the scenes and themes that we love to paint!

Picturesque Locations

Get married in the most idylic location? Let us capture this for your wedding invitation design.

Painting of a picturesque mediterranean harbour, for a custom wedding invitation.

Stunning Architecture

Having your wedding at a Castle or Stately Home? We love to paint historic buildings. Please get in touch!

Watercolour Painting of a stunning Palace, for a custom wedding invitation.

Animals and Wildlife

Let us add a touch of nature to your wedding invitation design!

Watercolour illustration of a Hummingbird set existing a waterfront honeymoonlocation, for a custom wedding invitation.

Beautiful Coastlines

Getting married by the sea or on the water's edge? Send us a picture of the view and we will paint it!

Watercolour illustration of waters edge of Lake Como Italy, for a custom wedding invitation.

Wedding Venues

We can paint the Church where you are to be married. Or perhaps the Hotel grounds and gardens.

Watercolour Painting of St Andrews Cathedral in Singapore, for a custom wedding invitation.

Iconic Landmarks

Getting married in a famous city? Showcase the cities landmarks on your stationery.

Moulin Rouge Watercolour illustration for use on Paris Themed Wedding Stationery, for a custom wedding invitation.

Iconic Celebrations

Getting Married at New Years Eve? We can paint a celebration scene for your wedding invitation design.

Watercolour illustration of Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks at New Years Eve, for a custom wedding invitation.

Personal Illustrations

To make your wedding invitations truely unique, we can paint something that is personal to you.

Personal illustration of the Bride and Grooms love of walking and their favourite wine, for a custom wedding invitation.

Custom Artwork Video

See a Quick Timelapse recording of Katharine Swift, owner and designer at Papermonkeys, producing a Watercolour illustration, which will then be used on a customer's wedding invitation.

Custom Artwork Pricing Guide

Below is our general pricing guide for custom artwork design service. All orders are unique and the price may vary depending on your exact requirements.

Custom Artwork Options


Use existing Artwork / Design

Browse our Designs. No alteration to the artwork

£ free

Amendment to existing Artwork / Design

Where possible - re-colour etc


1 'Detailed' Watercolour Illustration

inc. 1 Invitation pdf layout proposal


2 'Detailed' Watercolour Illustrations

inc. 1 Invitation pdf layout proposal


Up to 7 Watercolour Illustrations

Small Images. inc. 3 Invitation pdf layout proposals


10 or more Watercolour Illustrations

Various levels of detail, some intricate. 5 Invitation pdf layout proposals


Custom Artwork Design Service
Important Info

The cost of the Design Service is for our Designers time in painting the artwork.

Our Watercolour designs, are naturally painted by hand, therefore it is very difficult to make amendments.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the designs produced we unfortunately cannot refund your money.

We can make minor adjustments, (colour tones, removal of elements etc) in photoshop, but major changes to an illustration (additional content, composition) would require repainting and would be charged accordingly.

This is why it is best to provide as much detail about yourselves, your Wedding Day Plans and what Designs you have in mind so that we can fully meet you expectations.

Contact Us

If you would like for us to paint custom artwork for your wedding invitation contact us today with your ideas.

We will reply back to you with our suggestions and a more detailed pricing quotation.