Lasercut Wedding Invitation Designs

Lasercutting creates wonderful effects on your stationery from simple initials through to intricate floral designs.

The lasercuts create beautiful shadow effects and can be used along with foil blocking and various printing techniques to create a stunning finish.

Birdcage Lasercut Wedding Invitation Design

Birdcage Lasercut Wedding Invitation Design

"I love birdcage imagery and would like to use one in my stationery, to add a bit of bling can we use foil block behind the image?"

Double Happiness
Lasercut Invitation

Wedding Invitation with the Chinese Symbol - Double Happiness, Laser Cut into the Front Fold

"We want to have the Chinese Symbol - Double Happiness Lasercut into our Wedding Invitations"

Floral Lasercut
Wedding Invitation

Lasercut Wedding Stationery, themed on Shakespear's Midsummer Nights Dream

"Can you capture the spirit of Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream on a lasercut invite?"

Chandalier Lasercut
Wedding Invitation

Lasercut Chandalier Design Wedding Invitation with Foil Blocking Inner

"A beautiful lasercut chandalier on the invitations, with a foil blocked backdrop."

Filigree Lasercut
Wedding Invitation

Filigree Lasercut Design Wedding Invitation

"A a nature inspired lasercut design with backdrop colours to match your wedding colours."

Gerbera Lasercut
Wedding Invitation

Gebera Lasercut Design Wedding Invitation with matching Foil Block Design Inner

" My wedding flowers are Gerberas i would like to create a lasercut Design showing these beautiful blooms."

Damask Lasercut
Wedding Invitation

Damask Lasercut Design Wedding Invitationn

"I have seen a damask design that i would like to use n my stationery, can you create something similar?"

Rose Lasercut
Wedding Invitation

A single Rose Lasercut Design Wedding Invitation

"We'd like you to create an elegant Single Rose that is Lasercut into our Wedding Stationery"

Vintage French Chair
Lasercut Invitation

Vintage Chair Lasercut Design Wedding Invitation with French Script Inner

" We would like to create a vintage wedding invitation with a twist, lasercut antique chairs with french script."

Papermonkeys have produced countless Lasercut Design Wedding Invitations. We work with one of the UK best lasercutting companies and can offer each and every custom a bespoke lasercut pattern designed just for you.

Alternatively to minimise expense and to speed up the design process we can offer you one of our existing lasercut designs personalised with your wedding details.

All orders are fully customisable and unique.