Lasecut Wedding Invitations

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Lasercut Wedding Invitations unmistakably bridal in their theme. Think delicate lace fabric, intricate tiara’s! Why not reflect this in your wedding invitation design?

Lasercut Wedding Invitation

Alternatively Lasercutting can be used to create bold imagery, perhaps your initials lasercut into the front of the invite. This works well with foil blocking behind the lasercut.

Lasercut Pattern

Patterns, whether uniform and geometric or irregular and freeflowing, work great with lasercutting.

To showcase the intricate lasercut pattern we often print a solid block behind the cut out. We can even offer foil blocking behind to add some shimmer

Wedding Invitation with Lasercut Pattern

Lasercut Profile

Lasercut profiles make a great design. Perhaps of a cameo silhoute of yourselves.

Lasercut Cameo Silhouette

Alternatively a watercolour illustration of a cityscape or mountain range with lasercutting along the skyline. This is really effective as it provides a feeling a depth to the artwork.

Lasercut Text

We not let us lasercut your initials into your invite.

Lasercut Initials Wedding Invitation

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Lasercut Invites and using existing Lasercut Design.

Custom Wording and Layout.

GF Smith 290gsm Quality Card

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For new lasercut pattern contact us for a Quote.

We work closely with one of the UK’s leading Lasercut Cutting Companies to provide you with a high quality finished product that you can be proud of.

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3) If requested, we will design a new lasercut pattern.

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Stationery Printed
5) Your stationery is then professionally printed and lasercut.

Stationery delivered
6) Your finished stationery is delivered direct to you.

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