Pop-Up Lasercut Wedding Invitations

Stationery Art!

Detailed and Dynamic. The Ultimate Invite!

Pop-up Wedding Invitations take Lasercutting to the next level! If you want your Invite to stand out, literally.. this invite is for you.

Peacock Pop-Up Wedding Invitation

Peacock Pop-Up Wedding Invitation

Our Peacock Pop-up Invitation uses a Papermonkeys watercolour illustration of rather elegant peacock which has been transformed into a pop-up design in the centre of the invitation. The peacock theme is carried through the invite with complementary peacock feather illustrations and co-ordinating font.

Peacock Pop-Up Wedding Invitation

Why not work with Papermonkeys and produce a piece of Stationery Art. These Invites are detailed and dynamic. Complex in Design, and striking once finished. You can be sure your guests who receive this will surprised and impressed by your level of imagination.

Pop-Up Wedding Invitations start at £9 per invite.

Contact us to discuss what you have in mind, to commission a pop up invite. If you require a new design please please allow plenty of lead time in your schedule. The design process will involve a lot of effort to ensure will provide a design that looks fantastic and works perfectly.