Frequently asked questions

When you order your stationery consider the date you need to send them out and how long you need to write them!
If you are ordering an existing design from Papermonkeys the turnaround times are -
• Printed designs – 10-15 working days
• Laser cut designs – 15-20 working days
If you plan to use our design service plan in an extra 3 weeks before to create and adjust your design.

Firstly, there are lots of variations on this, I have had stationery which has been sent on behalf of the happy couple’s children, one parent, families, divorced and remarried parents and the couple themselves.

The first questions we ask our customers are always–
• Who is hosting the wedding?
• Is the wedding formal or informal?

This pretty much determines the text, see below the most popular 2 layouts in both formal and informal -

Wedding Host - (Brides parents / The couple)
Requests the pleasure of the company of / would be delighted if
Guests name?
At the marriage of / could join them to celebrate their marriage
Couples name? (formal version)
Wedding venue, address and time?
Followed by a reception at
Wedding reception venue, address?
Rsvp by ?
Rsvp address

Usually 3 months before the wedding but it really depends on where the wedding is.
If your guests need to make travel arrangements you will need to send the m out earlier, the further away you are expecting them to travel the longer you need to give them to plan and save up!
Or send a save the date card to prepare them, these are usually sent as soon as you have secured your wedding venue

From experience, yes, it is easier to enclose a RSVP card, we all know how easy it is to forget to reply!
We offer a very popular postcard style card with tick boxes for all the most popular questions
• Can you attend?
• Any special dietary requirements?
• Meal choices
• Song suggestions
• And even travel arrangements
Alternatively we have also had customers who prefer to save the cash and add an rsvp e-mail, phone number or a link to their wedding website so the guests can RSVP online.

Because it’s not as expensive as you think and for a day so personal why would you want an impersonal off the shelf product?
Every one of our cards are tailored to you and your budget and each card tells a story and sets the scene.
The invitation or Save the date card is the first thing your guests see and it tells a story of what your day will be like, it’s got to look good!

Whoever you choose to produce your stationery, before you order, always check;
1) the card weight used. There is nothing worse than receiving a card which is made from cheap materials.
2) Check the production methods, how is the stationery printed? This should be either;
• Professionally Printed Digital
• Lithographic Printing
Your stationery should never be printed using Domestic Inkjet Printers as the ink will run if your stationery gets wet.
All Papermonkeys products are designed and professionally printed in the North West all our Cards and papers are extremely high quality minimum 270gsm cards all sourced from UK specialist GF Smith.

Papermonkeys’ Invitations start from as little as £3 each for a simple flat card and go up to £10 for the most intricate Lasercut designs with Lithographic Printing.
Please be aware that price do increase if you are ordering small quantities

Obviously this depends on your budget and do ask the venue if they supply any items, menus or Table plans, sometimes these are included in the price you are paying for the venue.
But here is a list of the items you may need;
• Evening invites and Evening RSVP cards
• Additional information cards or booklets for your guests
(accommodation, travel arrangements etc)
• Order of Ceremony / Order of the day booklets
• Menus
• Gift tags
• Favour tags
• Table name cards
• Place cards
• Table plans
• Thank you cards

The service is relatively simple and we strive to be as flexible and personable as possible. Basically our process is as follows
• Contact Papermonkeys, with an interest to use or Design Service 
• We will discuss your requirements, ideas, theme and budget.
• If you are happy to proceed, pay the Design Service (typically £100)
• Then we will get busy with our paintbrushes.
• After about 1 week you will receive, in .pdf form, your illustrations and a selection of stationery layout ideas.
• Tell us which layout you like and any amendments you require.
• Once you are happy, just place your order
Note: Generally this overall process takes approx 3 weeks

Most of our designs originate from one off watercolour illustrations. To change the illustration is basically to repaint the illustration, so this would be classed as a new design (at a reduced price, as it would be a copying exercise).
Please note: If the design was to be repainted, it would never exactly match the original, due to the fact that it is recreated again by hand it not be computer.
Another alternative is to simply alter an existing illustration. This is typically a colour change to certain elements of illustrations. Such as a colour change to the flowers, the sky etc. This change can be done digitally to the original. This will invoke the artwork alteration fee

Our most popular printing process is Modern Digital Print.
The level of detail and print finish quality of modern digital print is very high, and on small print runs of say 50 cards, it is the most cost effective option.
Digital Printing works on most of the card weight and texture that we use.
We would advise the use of lithographic print is if;
• your stationery is to be printed onto really thick or heavily textured card
• if your design uses a small number of colours which block fill most of the card. The depth and gloss of the ink (in this instance) would enhance the finish of the card in this instance.