Wedding RSVP Cards

Make sure you get a Reply!

A formal reply is vital for your Wedding Planning

Wedding arrangements can become stressful especially when you are not sure whether you’re invited guests can attend. Therefore it essential to request a RSVP by a given date.

3 Custom RSVP Designs. Bunting Design. Tea Party Design. Custom lake and countryside design.

What to include in a RSVP

To help your guests to reply in a timely manner, we recommend supplying a RSVP with your invite. Aswell as requested a RSVP 'Yes' or 'No' by a specified date, other essential responses to request could be;

Menu Chouse

Provide a tick box for the Wedding Breakfast Menu options, including any special dietary requirments.

Transport required

Ask your guests if they will need transport between the church and wedding reception for example. A popular choice is to lay on a coach or bus for your guest

Music request

Get your guests to list a song they would like playing at the Evening Reception. A good idea to help keep the dance floor busy!

Classic RSVP Card printed onto high quality silver card.

RSVP Cards are generally printed as smaller cards that fit inside your Wedding Invitation Envelope.
They can be printed as a postcard with your home address on the reverse side, to make responding by post hassle free for your guests.

RSVP Card with a custom Horse illustration.
RSVP Card with a Scottish Thistle illustration
RSVP Card with Tea Party and union jack wedding bands illustration.
RSVP Card with an 'international flags' Bunting Design

Papermonkeys also offer the RSVP to be printed as a perforated section on the back of a 3-fold Wedding Invitation. This offers a neat all-one-solution for your wedding invitation

Contact us to discuss your requirements for personalised RSVP Cards.